The Girl In Blue

(work in progress)

Girl in Blue is a story of a journey through the intertwining past and present about the enduring nature of relationships, love, and friendship set in two different cultural settings. The story contrasts society during two different time periods with a story of four connected women.

Amy Delaney, a young woman, has started as an intern at a historical newspaper in Savannah, Georgia. While completing her routine tasks, she uncovers a story that takes her to another time where she encounters a woman whose story teaches Amy about life, love, loss, and redemption

Flora Tennyson, at age eighty-three, will finally free herself of the secret she’s held onto since one fateful day in 1933 at the train station, when her best friend died

Girl in Blue was inspired by a photo of a tombstone the author came across that read, “Girl in Blue. Unknown. December 24, 1933. Killed by Train. Gone but not forgotten.” She was immediately transported to 1933 and found herself in the South. From there, the story unfolded

The story takes place in 2001, but the events of 1933 leading up to the death of the Girl in Blue unfold through a series of phone calls between Amy and Flora. In the end, Amy finds herself unprepared for the story Flora shares about the scene events that transpired at the train station on Christmas Eve.

Amy, jarred by Flora’s account, questions her path as a journalist and begins to lose hope in humanity until she decides to speak to Flora in person. By the end, forgiveness and love are required for them to heal.

(Work in Progress)

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