Lucy's Umbrella

Lucy has vitiligo. She finds beauty in the patterns on her skin. She also finds beauty in the patterns she notices out in nature. Follow Lucy as she goes on a walk through nature, admiring everything she sees.

Proceeds go to the Vitiligo Research Foundation

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There's no such thing as Too much love. Follow friends, couples, families, and a community as they celebrate Love at Central Park.

Proceeds go to the Equality Utah Organization

Jun Anzu

Jun Anzu is very small, but she feels large inside. One day she decides to take matters into her own hands and not grow physically, but grow so large on the inside that her classmates notice she's finally there. Jun Anzu reminds us that our outer size doesn't matter, but how large we feel on the inside.

Proceeds go to the Little People of America

Jahan Akua

Jahan Akua is very tall and wishes he would stop growing so he is noticed. One day he decides to take matters into his own hands so his classmates notice he's finally there. Jahan Akua reminds us that it is not our outer size that matters but how we feel on the inside.

Proceeds go to the African Wildlife Foundation

Pauly and Fluff

In a world, divided by a graham cracker wall, can two unknown heroes save the day and bring peace to the land? Join Pauly and Fluff, two best friends, one a unicorn and one a dragon, and learn about sharing and caring in a divided community where they are not allowed to be friends.

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The Elf Who Didn't Believe in Children

Follow Flossy, a North Pole Elf as she learns about believing in something she cannot see and how a young boy named Cardon helps her truly believe in the unseen.

Proceeds go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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The Prince's Dress Dilemma

Eric wakes up on his eighth birthday to find he has grown so tall he has ripped his favorite nightgown. Then, when he finds out there is a ball to celebrate how tall he has grown, he cannot decide which dress to wear. Follow Eric as he mourns his favorite nightgown and figures out what dress to wear to the ball.

Proceeds go to Becca's Closet

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