Middle School

The Red Balloon

Coming Winter 2017!

Foster care wasn’t ideal in the mid 60’s, but Trudy was in luck the year she moved in with a foster care family next door to Tabitha. On the second floor of their houses, their rooms were directly across from each other. Tabitha, extremely tall and awkward doesn’t socialize. Trudy, extremely short and awkward moves from one foster care home to another every year and never wants to make friends only to lose them.

The meet one day during class over a paper mache project and find they have more in common than either of them expected. Using the clothesline between their houses, they begin to write notes to one another.

Is a good friend for a year worth the risk of never having a friend at all. Some friendships can have an everlasting effect for a lifetime, even if they very long to begin with.

The Beautiful Witch

Coming Fall 2017!

It wasn’t Etta’s fault she was born beautiful, with lavender skin, soft pink hair and sparkling turquoise eyes. Her witch mother was born with the same beautiful attributes, but covers her face every day with Witch’s Blemish Balm Cover Shade 306, a green blemish cream, to give her face warts, bumps and to help grow hair out of moles on her chin. But, Eloise makes a decision the day her daughter is born with her same curse of beauty; not to cover it up but accept her daughter as she is; beautiful, even though their society will want to change her into the witch she should be; hideous and green.

Eloise, as Mayor of the town of Swamp Bottom, which is nestled below Skull Rock, struggles to force society to accept Etta. When their house is defiled with the writing, “Go away beautiful. You’re not welcome here,” Eloise decides to send Etta away to Mummy’s School for Misfits.

While at school for misfits, Etta finds that she isn’t the only one that is different and becomes friends with a werewolf, Gord, that has perfectly straight teeth and smooth hair, and Bettina who is a vampire with one fang, afraid of blood. With her mother’s encouragement, Etta learns that being different and a misfit isn’t a bad thing.

But, when Eloise is faced with her own past, personal fears and difficult decisions on how to lead her town that is headed for war, it is Etta that needs to find the courage to come to her mother’s aid in time.

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