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Sara Madden, who may or may not be a witch, grew up on California's Central Coast. She was raised on donuts and cookies provided by her grandparents’ Tan Top Bakery. Her first story was written at age six, titled “I Love My Family,” and she's been writing ever since.

Growing up dyslexic (and her continued fun with it into adulthood), Sara always has and always will find comfort in words, imagination, and believing in the unbelievable.

She currently lives in Utah with her adorable family, who may or not be completely bonkers. She has four unreliable guard dogs, eight clocks that refuse to tell time, and one unremarkable trampoline. Buttery popcorn and cinnamon cake donuts are her favorite food. And she never, ever, never, ever, never leaves home without a stick of vanilla or cake batter lip balm in her pocket (her tastes are undeniably fantastic!). In her spare time, she loves to paint and roller skate, but never at the same time-messes are dangerously unavoidable (she knows-she’s tried it!).

Look for more of Sara Madden's books coming soon. Follow Sara Madden and Tallulah Froom online: saramaddenbooks.com

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