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Aluwanip Botha was born and raised in the ghettos of South Africa until the age of 3 ½. Though he was young, he still has vivid memories of his birth parents, who were both brilliant writers and psychics. They told him each night at bedtime the glorious tales of their ancestors, all of whom were writers and/or editors. He was inspired by those glorious stories and his parents’ visions, which told him that someday, he would carry out that legacy in America.

After his parents’ peaceful passing, Aluwanip was adopted into a family of nine very strange and beautiful Mormons in the United States of America, and his name was then changed to Tyler Vogelsberg. He missed his psychic parents and safarian animal friends dearly, but immediately, he knew that this was his home. He thrived in his education, graduating from Yale University at the tender age of 11. He worked for a few years as a reality star on Psychic TV, then moved back home to write and spend more time with his family (the fame had proven to be just too much). In 2012, he decided to get another bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University- just for funzies. He graduated spring 2016 with his brother Ryan and has realized his birth parents’ visions working as editor of Sara Madden Books ever since.

About Elys Bank

Elys Bank has an extensive career in editing, starting in 1933 when she was the Chief Journalistic Editor of the Seattle Times. Since then, she has written for the Times Magazine while living in New York, bringing stories to the population spanning eight wars, Presidential assassinations, and the the current Presidential campaign.

Currently, she works in Cork, Ireland, as editor of the Dublin Daily. And when she isn't editing Sara Madden's books, she is the editor of all things awesome in Europe, writes the fashion article for Vogue, and is a guest on The View every Friday. She has even been a "They are Among Us" panelist at Alien Con, which is her secret passion.

In her spare time, she creates stained glass art, some of which art is hanging in the Vatican - which is ironic, since she is Jewish. And she also enjoys high diving, although she didn't make the Olympic trials this year by one point, she won't give it up! She just loves the plunge into water from so high up!

She has one son, who is currently at Super Hero Training camp in Canada, learning how to control his super powers, and learning to make a perfect batch of eggs Benedict.

She never ages. She is timeless. You can follow her on her blog at http://becomingprime.blogspot.com/ And if you don't appreciate her in this decade, you eventually will. You will.

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