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Please browse our unique collection of books written by Sara Madden. There's a bit of magic, adventure, mystery, and lots of love in each of these stories. Experience the quirkiness of the beloved Tallulah Froom, the inclusion of Too, the beauty of Jun Anzu, the awareness of Lucy's Umbrella, and so much more in Sara's enchanting tales!

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Sara Madden books have been honored as New Indie Book Finalist, New Indie Book Finalists, and Huffington post's top 20 books for diversity for children.

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Tallulah Froom
Tallulah Froom
Lucy's Umbrella
Jun Anzu
Jahan Akua
Who We Are
Pauly and Fluff
The Elf Who Didn't Believe in Children
The Prince's Dress Dilemma
The Girl In Blue
Mishka's Bears
Mishka's Bears
Mishka's Bears

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